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Audio Post Welcome to one of the largest Protools facilities in the Southeast. Our exemplary, multi-purpose, audio editing suites offer full sweetening, sound design, surround mixing, voiceover, dubbing, overdubbing, and ADR recording. The latest plug-ins from Waves, Autotune, Izotope, and others keep your projects on the cutting edge. Broadcast AudioWhile each of our Production Control Rooms contains ample audio complements of their own, clients frequently choose to utilize Audio B for their more complex live broadcasts and recordings.


Audio Production B is outfitted with a 96 input Soundcraft Vi6 console. It features fiber optic connection to any studio for a fully digital signal path. 64 tracks of digital multitrack capture is also featured. Numerous effects and virtually any playback source help to round out this great sounding room.

Production Audio

Media-Comm has everything you need to support performing artists and live audiences. We have a large complement of PA equipment including on stage monitoring, wireless mics, and sound amplification.

-House PA for up to 300 people
-56 input audio console with full split
-10 Stage monitors with a max of 10 mixes
-Aviom wired in-ear monitors
-Sennheiser wireless in-ear monitors
-Sennheiser SKM 5000 wireless handheld mics
-Sennheiser SK-3063 wireless lav mics
-Large wired mic package including AKG, Shure, and Sennheiser.